RX 6400 LIGHTING Lightning Graphics card
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RX 6400 LIGHTING Lightning Graphics card

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LIGHTING is designed to help the strong. Its strong performance has attracted players and designers alike.
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The Sofofoal ®AMD Radeon™ RX 6400 graphics card is based on the high-performance, energy-efficient AMD RDNA™ 2 gaming architecture with high-bandwidth, low-latency AMD Infinity Cache™ Cache technology and high-speed GDDR6 display memory. Support for Microsoft Windows 11 and Microsoft DirectX® 12 Ultimate, AMD FidelityFX™ resolution (FSR) and AMD Radeon resolution (RSR) screen upgrade technology, AMD Smart Access Memory™ technology and other advanced features provide a dizzying, highly updated gaming experience.
The RX 6400 LIGHTING also features many features, including a sleek single-fan Challenger ITX cooling design that provides excellent cooling; There is also no need to connect additional 8-PIN power connectors, and the low-power feature provides greater flexibility and flexibility when upgrading existing systems.

The soju ®RX 6400 LIGHTING lightning graphics card is powered by a 6nm Navi24GPU with a single slot, single fan design. Two display output interfaces are provided: HDMI2.1 and DisplayPort1.4, with 768 stream processors and 12 Ray accelerators, equipped with 4GB GDDR6 video memory, 64-bit video memory interface, video memory speed of 16Gbps, video bandwidth of up to 128GB/s, support H264/H265 decoding, power of about 53W. The graphics card adopts a single slot heat dissipation design to save more space, and the half-height design is suitable for a smaller system body. The VIDEO CARD IS THIN AT THE SAME time AS a strong heat dissipation, playing games, cooling fast, not afraid of the game full of high temperature, the game is not card. With support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and AMD FidelityFX, bring a new immersive experience. The card provides vivid visuals, with DirectX Raytracing (DXR) and Variable Rate Shading (VRS) optimized for AMD RDNA 2 architecture, respectively, enabling a new gameplay experience at high frame rates.

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